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Wir haben euch hier mal die wichtigsten Fragen zum SecuKid® Gewaltpräventionstraining für Kinder beantwortet. Sollte eine Frage nicht beantwortet sein, so nehmt einfach Kontakt mit uns auf!

  • Can my child do the course more than once?
    Many children have already attended a SecuKids® safety training course 2 or 3 times, because the children have a lot of fun in our training courses and are happy to come back. Of course, this also strengthens the learning content for the children. Several times a year we also hold training courses with a special focus, which are always a useful addition to a SecuKids® course.
  • My child is shy. Does such training bring anything at all?
    Definitely yes, because perpetrators, no matter what group of perpetrators, almost always look for weak and reserved children who are easy for them and do not have to expect the child to defend themselves. SecuKids® was made for these children! SecuKid® promotes self-confidence and enables children to assert themselves!
  • My child is very advanced for his age. Can I also register it for a course for older children?
    Please always register your child according to their age. The classification is based on our many years of experience with the children. In this way, we avoid overtaxing the children and achieve very good results in our work for everyone involved. Please do not register any 3- or 4-year-olds for safety training either, because the content is not yet understandable for this target group.
  • What qualifications do the trainers have?
    In addition to training as SecuKids® trainers, our trainers also have various other qualifications, such as child protection officers or specialists in non-violent communication. First aid for children, communication and child-friendly teaching are also part of the ongoing training programme.
  • Is SecuKids® a self-defence course?
    A definite no. SecuKids® is a safety and violence prevention program and helps children to protect themselves from violence. The aim is to recognize dangers and understand the correct behavior. Self-defence often trains combat or defense techniques, which, despite all the promises, require a lot of long training. Self-defense is always a reaction to something and we at SecuKids® prefer to act early to avoid getting into such situations in the first place.
  • Kann ich für mein Kind auch Einzelstunden oder Privatunterricht bei SecuKids® buchen?
    Wir bieten bei SecuKids® keinen Privatunterricht oder Einzelstunden an. Gerade Kinder lernen in denn SecuKids® Sicherheitstrainings auch über gruppendynamische Prozesse und ein starkes Miteinander. Nur so können wir als Gemeinschaft nachhaltige Erfolge für den Schutz und die Sicherheit unserer Kinder erzielen.
  • Are adults present during training?
    Parents, carers, teachers or trainers are notpresent during a SecuKids® safety training course, because we teach the children how to recognize dangers and act correctly! With the presence of adults (parents, teachers, carers, etc.), the children always react differently, are distracted and feel safe. They are also often inhibited and afraid, e.g. B. disappointing parents. As a result, our goal of making children safe, strong and self-confident is not achieved or only with difficulty! For this reason, we decided years ago not to allow (!!!) adults in the courses!
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